Paint set Zeven Provinciën


Kolderstok paint is a complete range of colours based on 17th-century pigments. Extra-matt paint of high quality.

This paint set is specially designed for the Zeven Provinciën and contains the colours:

  • Goudglit (gold)
  • Harpuis (off-white)
  • Oker (yellow)
  • Vermiljoen (bright red)
  • Meekrap (red)
  • Verdigris (light copper green)
  • Groenspaan (dark copper green)
  • Smalt (dark blue)
  • Ivoorzwart (black)

plus a white surface primer.

The paint set comes with an indication of which part to paint in what colour, and how to mix specific colours.
However, please note that the original colour scheme of the Zeven Provinciën is not precisely known. For the blue of the bulwark (Smalt) you can also use Groenspaan, or a mix of these colours.

Please note: the paint set does not contain brushes - these can be purchased separately.