Seventeenth century Pinas - cross section


ships in approx. 10 - 12 working days

Transverse section of a 17th-century pinas, including 3 pieces of armament and authentic blocks. Designed after the original 17th-century description by Nicolaes Witsen.

The pinas was a transverse-rigged merchantman, relatively slender in shape and easy to sail. It was frequently used by the then Republic of the Netherlands for trade voyages all over the world. The ship could carry a large amount of trading goods, but was also equipped with plentiful armament, to protect itself and her cargo against potential enemies.

This cross-section shows the part of the ship around the main mast, including spindle, servants, pump, galley and guns. It is open on one side and fitted with skin planking on the other.

The kit includes fully laser-cut parts, a detailed step-by-step manual with text, photos and (original) illustrations and several authentic parts. During construction, it gives a unique insight into the shipbuilding method which was common for Amsterdam shipyards in the 17th century.

The model is available in basswood and can be brought to a vivid color with special stains and paint which can be bought separately.

This section is in scale 1:50. When built the model is 165 mm long, 165 mm wide and 490 mm high.

Difficulty level 1-2 on a scale of 4, for both beginners and advanced builders.