Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find instructions?

Contact us (directly or via the contact form) for the description of the Kolderstok model you are working on and you will receive it as a PDF.

What do I do if I miss parts or if parts are damaged?

We strive to deliver a product without defects or damage. Is there something wrong? Contact us (directly or via the contact form) and we will try to deliver the missing or damaged part as soon as possible. All deliveries dependent on available stock.

In which colors should I paint my model?

A corresponding paint set is available for each model, with enough paint to color your model. Are you short on paint? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I reorder individual parts?

Yes. We strive to deliver every part in the box as a separate product. Contact us (directly or via the contact form) and we will prepare it for you.

Where can I buy Kolderstok models?

You can order the Kolderstok models via this website - we do ship worldwide. We have some distributors all over the world - please contact us if you're interested in buying locally.

 Warranty & Repair 

The manufacturer's warranty applies to all products that are subject to wear. The warranty becomes void if the product is used for other purposes than for which it was originally intended. See also the general conditions under "warranty".