Willem Barentsz's Expedition Ship


Ships within 8 -10 days

Special offer: Oak and walnut both equal in price.

Due to the situation in Russia and the Ukraine, the authentic blocks are no longer available. Of course we are looking for an alternative, but it is still unknown if and when this will succeed.

Model of the ship on which the Dutch cartographer and explorer Willem Barentsz (anglicized as William Barents or Barentz)(± 1550-1597) sailed, on his third trip to find the Northeast passage.

The model is in scale 1:50 and consists of laser-cut frames, walnut planks and various other laser-cut parts. The building instructions (in Dutch, English and German) are based on photos, and the rigging is based on photos and drawings. The model includes two small boats and a sail kit (self-build, stitching required). Canons (carriage plus barrel) can be included optionally."

The model comes with basic wooden blocks for the rigging, but can be extended with luxurious, authentic looking blocks for a historically more accurate model.

Difficulty is 1-2 on a scale of 4.

Dimensions of the model when built: length approx. 57 cm, width approx. 25 cm, height approx. 51 cm.

PLEASE NOTE: The model has a simple stand by default. A luxurious oak stand can be ordered separately.