Seventeenth century Dutch Statenjacht


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The 17th-century Statenjacht (Statenyacht) was - contrary to what the name yacht suggests - not a pleasure boat. Evolved from the war yachts as used in the 80-year war, it had developed into a convenient, fast and above all comfortable means of transport.

The model is 1/50 scale and when built it is approx. 50 cm long (including bowsprit), 20 cm wide and 52 cm high (without stand). The kit of the Statenjacht is fully equipped, with laser-cut frames and deck structure, complete walnut planking (single plank system), including sails and two pieces of artillery.

The model comes standard with basic wooden blocks for the rigging, but can be extended with luxurious, authentic blocks for a historically more accurate model.

Difficulty is 2 on a scale of 4.

Dimensions of the model when built: length approx. 50 cm, width approx. 20 cm, height approx. 52 cm.

PLEASE NOTE: The model has a simple stand by default. A luxurious oak stand as seen on the photos can be ordered separately.