Azuriet (Medium blue)


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The mineral azurite is a copper-carbonate with a very specific blue colour. The name is derived from the Persian word lazhward, which means "blue". This became lazurium in Latin and eventually azurium. The mineral has been used as a blue pigment for centuries. The natural crystals were ground, washed and sieved. The heavier the grinding, the darker the pigment became.

In the seventeenth century, people succeeded in artificially creating this pigment by dissolving copper salts in nitric acid, precipitating them out by adding calcium oxide, and then instigating a chemical reaction with calcium carbonate. As a result the pigment became considerably cheaper. By using different binders, the colour could change to green (linseed oil as binder) or even grey-green (egg yolk as binder).

All Kolderstok paints are water-based acrylic paints. The colours are made with modern, environmentally friendly pigments. The products mentioned in the above description are not present in our paints.

The Kolderstok colour Azuriet is a bright blue. Blue in various shades was used for the higher parts of the hull of a ship, the fortune, and for individual painting.

Please note: applying several layers thinned with water gives a better result than one layer of undiluted paint.