Two heads of the electric plank bender


Usually ships within 2-3 days

Two heads of the electric plank bender - without the heating device

Even thicker planks can be bent effortlessly into the correct curve by wetting the wooden planks, then making the fibre structure more flexible with this plank bender. Ship builders applied the same technique in the 17th century by wetting the planks and burning a fire underneath. The use of weights made it possible to bend the plank to the correct curvature. Working method: Allow the plank bender to warm up well. Depending on the type of wood, place the planks in cold water for 5 to 15 minutes, wipe off excess moisture and insert them into the bracket of the plank bender. After a short time – to let the water in the wood warm up - carefully press the other side of the plank over the bending part.

For a correct use please use a 30 Watt heating device with 4 mm shaft. This is not included in this set.