Goudglit (gilding Gold)


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Goudglit is also called lithargirium auri or gold foam. The basis was lead oxide, which formed on molten lead heated well above melting point. If it was cooled quickly, this oxide became a silvery colour and was then called silverglit or silver stone. If it was cooled down slowly it got a reddish-yellow glow and was called goldglit or gold foam.

All Kolderstok paints are water-based acrylic paints. The colours are made with modern, environmentally friendly pigments. The products mentioned in the above description are not present in our paints.

The Kolderstok colour Goudglit is based on mica-pigments and comes very close to a good quality gold gilding.

 Because of its thinness Kolderstok goudglit can be applied directly and undiluted.