Ivoorzwart (Ivory black)


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Ivory black is the paint name for bone char. Bone char is an animal-based, granular material, made by heating bones in a low-oxygen environment. The main components are calcium phosphate and a little carbon. Ivory black was obtained in the 17th century by grinding charred ivory and mixing it with linseed oil. The resulting paint was the deepest black available. Due to the protected status of ivory, it can no longer be used for this purpose and synthetic pigment is used for black paint.

All Kolderstok paints are water-based acrylic paints. The colours are made with modern, environmentally friendly pigments. The products mentioned in the above description are not present in our paints.

The Kolderstok colour Ivoorzwart gives a deep black matte finish.

Please note: applying several layers thinned with water gives a better result than one layer of undiluted paint.