Kolderstok - complete paint set (22 colours)


Kolderstok paint is a complete range of colours based on 17th-century pigments. Extra-matt paint of high quality.

This set contains all the colours in the Kolderstok paint range including 6 brushes

  • Ivoorzwart (black)
  • Loodwit (lead white)
  • Harpuis (off-white)
  • Oker (ochre)
  • Gebrande Oker (burnt ochre)
  • Koningsgeel (royal yellow)
  • Meekrap (dark red)
  • Karmijn (carmine red)
  • Vermiljoen (bright red)
  • Azuriet (medium blue)
  • Perzisch blauw (pale blue)
  • Smalt (dark blue)
  • Nachtblauw (night blue)
  • Terre Verte (dark green)
  • Verdigris (light copper green)
  • Kopergroen (medium copper green)
  • Groenspaan (dark copper green)
  • Goudglit (gold)
  • Zilver (silver)
  • Koper (copper)
  • Tin (oxidized tin)
  • Primer Wit (surface primer)

All Kolderstok paints are water-based acrylic paints. The colours are made with modern, environmentally friendly pigments.