Loodwit (Lead white)


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Lead white is a white pigment, originally based on lead oxide. Even though it was already known in the 17th century that lead oxide was poisonous, it was widely used as a base for paint because of its protective effect and the formation of hard layers in the paint film which made it very durable.

Lead white was obtained by loosely rolling up a sheet of lead and suspending it inside an earthenware pot containing acetic acid - without touching it. The earthenware pot was placed in horse manure and the release of carbon dioxide and heat from the decaying horse manure accelerated the process of lead white forming. Because lead white can no longer be used, it has been replaced with titanium oxide or zinc oxide.

All Kolderstok paints are water-based acrylic paints. The colours are made with modern, environmentally friendly pigments. The products mentioned in the above description are not present in our paints.

The Kolderstok colour Loodwit has a light grey-white colour.

Please note: applying several layers thinned with water gives a better result than one layer of undiluted paint.