Vermiljoen (Bright red)


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The colour vermilion is a bright red and consists of mercury sulphide, HgS. It is found in nature as the mineral cinnabar or mercury ore. The name vermilion comes from the Latin vermiculus, which means "small worm". This name is the result of a mix-up with kermes or carmine, another red pigment made from small insects (scale insects) whose colouring component is carminic acid or carminic acid.

All Kolderstok paints are water-based acrylic paints. The colours are made with modern, environmentally friendly pigments. The products mentioned in the above description are not present in our paints.

The Kolderstok colour Vermiljoen is a bright red. The inside of the bulwark, cannon wagons, but also ornaments and railings were painted in different shades of red.

Please note: applying several layers thinned with water gives a better result than one layer of undiluted paint.