Unique model kits of Dutch ships. We ship worldwide! Unique model kits of Dutch ships. We ship worldwide!


The 17th century "Fluytschip" - almost available

The 17th century "Fluytschip" - almost available

Slowly but surely all the parts of the Fluytschip come together and it was only waiting for the box to put everything in. Meanwhile, also this part of the package is almost ready. In the past months we have discussed different backgrounds of the box, written texts and discarded them again and looked at and compared various photos. Finally, a new box in the well-known Kolderstok style is ready to be folded.

We also added up all the costs and came to a price for the new model: € 369,- for the version with basic blocks and € 395,- for the version with authentic blocks, plus postage to your address. The model you get consists of oak frames and struts, custom-cut lime hull planking, full masts and rigging including sails, two small boats and - all new - 3D printed ornaments.

The package - with a difficulty level of four on a scale of four - offers the possibility to make a woodcutter or a whaler, with three different ornaments for the stern. One of these ornaments is the swan as it was on the stern of the recently found flute ship in the Baltic Sea. You can also have the flags adapted so that a flag of your own city or family can be waved. In its standard form the package contains the flag of the municipality of Hoorn - the city where the flute had its first appearance at the beginning of the 17th century.

If you want to register for the package, please send an e-mail to kolderstok@gmail.com with your name and address. Please also mention if you want the version with basic blocks or with authentic blocks. 

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