Unique model kits of Dutch ships. We ship worldwide! Unique model kits of Dutch ships. We ship worldwide!


Walnut or oak for your ship - which one is the best choice?

Walnut or oak for your ship - which one is the best choice?

More and more Kolderstok models can be ordered in walnut or oak. But which one to choose? Therefore a few points to make the choice easier.


The colour of the ship determines for a large part the overall picture.

Untreated, oak wood has a light colour, varying from almost white to medium brown. Walnut is by itself quite dark, with a slightly pink to purple-brown colour. Finishing both types of wood with just a coat of clear varnish or lacquer does not change the colour of oak much, while the colour and structure of walnut will often become more intense. To achieve a real brown shade in walnut, we recommend applying a specific brown stain in medium or dark oak.


If the wood cannot be bent and installed properly, it ruins a lot of the fun of building, so this is definitely something to consider.

Both wood species can be worked well, but with less experience in bending wood, walnut is more forgiving. Force the wood too much when bending it and it will buckle before it actually breaks. You can often hear this coming. At such a moment, proceed with caution and the piece of wood is not immediately lost. The longer fibres of walnut make it easier to bend.

Oak is a bit more difficult to bend. Bend too quickly or with too much force and it will snap, because oak has a shorter fibre. Saw off the broken piece and try again.

For both wood species, the use of a good (electric) bending tool makes bending the wood a lot easier. And if unexpectedly too many planks are lost, we can always supply them again.


As already mentioned, the colour determines the appearance of the model to a large extent.

Walnut is relatively dark in colour and can be darkened further with various types of stain. A lighter colour is not possible.

Oak is light in colour and can be darkened with various types of stain. So there are more possibilities here.


Walnut will surely have been used in the 17th century for specific products (think furniture) but this was traditionally not applied to the hull.

The hulls of ships from the 16th and 17th centuries were for the most part made of oak. Only decks, masts etc. were made of pine. The choice for oak is therefore a choice for the original wood.

Oak or walnut: the choice is yours.

Your model in oak for the price of walnut will also apply in the coming month.

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